Keep all Your product ideas in one easy to mantain Idea Bank

With our super simple UI, dumping all Your product ideas into one place feels like a breeze. Forget about complicated workflows and forms in Your hated ticketing system

Pioritize your idea bank

Rank Your ideas using battle-proven ICE score, This will give You an overview of which ideas are worth trying first, and for which ones You need to find more evidences



How much Your KPI will raise if the hypothesis is correct?


How much evidence is supporting the hypothesis?


How much will it cost to validate the hypothesis?


Easily define experiments for Your ideas, and Keep track on your learning velocity.

Build company wide experimenting culture

Automatically share progress and learning from Your experiments to everybody that is interested, using tools that are already in Your stack


Post updates about new experiments automatically to person or channel in Your org slack


Create epics and stories based on Your experiments, with one click

Idea inbox

Close the feedback loop by letting other people in Your company propose new ideas to Your idea bank

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